Friday, March 29, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - Powerball Edition

10 Things You'd Do If You Won the Big Powerball Jackpot.

OK. So the first thing I would probably do is scream or cry or jump up and down.

Or maybe just stand there and stare with wide eyes and an open mouth.

  1. Invest the majority of the winnings so we could live off the dividends and interest.

  1. Buy a house in Chatham. Nothing too big. Doesn’t have to be near the water. Just a little place of our own. With a deck. And a pretty guest room for company.

  1. Pay off the cars.

  1. Set up a charitable foundation. I even have a name picked out “The Letter S”. it will have the tagline of “brought to you by The Letter S” like on Sesame Street.

  1. Take my family on a great vacation and fly first class to get there.

  1. Hire a cleaning person to come every other week.

  1. Set up a trust for Brendan, Nick and Erica. The stipulation is that the money is not to be used until they turn 40 and it must be for something fun, extravagant or out of the budget in their future grown up lives.

  1. Upgrade our towels and sheets.

  1. Have more of my photography custom framed.

  1. Work part-time. 20 hours a week or maybe just 5 mornings a week. I’d still want a reason to get out of my jammies every day, but I’d definitely want more time for crafting, visiting, reading and baking.

This was a lot harder list to come up with than I expected! I guess it’s good to know that there really aren’t a lot of things on my dream list.


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