Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Book Review: You Have No Idea

I've always liked Vanessa Williams so when I received a copy of this book for the BlogHer book review, I dove right in and started reading.

I was impressed that she started talking about the Miss America/nude photo scandal right at the beginning of the book and didn't really pull any punches. She admits what she did, why she was naive (and a little rebellious) and what she regrets. 

But let's face it, she probably wouldn't have had such an extensive career post-pageant without this notoriety. She has tons of talent and this scandal helped make her a household name. It was interesting how she very much emphasized that she wasn't a pageant princess. She was a drama student with lots of training who entered the pageants for scholarships.

Williams is very open and honest in her book perhaps to a fault. Really, I don't need to know where your children were conceived and how you rushed into two marriages because you were pregnant. 

I did love the counterpart of advice from her no-nonsense mother starting the chapters. I wish there was more of Helen's side of the story told throughout the book. It really seems to me if Vanessa listened to her mother a little more she might have had a happier personal life. 

I think it's great that Vanessa tries to keep her blended family happy from two coasts. It's gotta be awkward at times to have two ex-husbands at the dinner table for Christmas. But is the only thing she cooks lasagna? She mentions that lasagna a lot. 

I wish there was more insight about her music career, her work singing Disney themes, her time on Broadway. It felt like the book skimmed through those twenty years to make quick mention of her most recent projects: Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives. 

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This is a paid review of You Have No Idea by  Vanessa Williams and Helen Williams for the Blog Her Book Club. All opinions expressed are mine.