Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - Random Edition

This week's Ten on Tuesday prompt is 10 Random Things on Your Mind.

  1. Today it is snowing. Tomorrow is the first day of spring. I’m starting to think this winter will never end.

  2. I really like grapefruit. It’s been my new favorite dessert this winter. So refreshing.

  3. The first paid work holiday of 2013 is Memorial Day. That’s still 10 weeks away.

  4. I am getting my wisdom teeth out next week and I’m extremely nervous about nerve damage and going under general anesthesia.

  5. Two members of my household have had an ACL replaced in the last year - one human and one poodle. Who would have thought?

  6. I have wanted to try a spin class for almost a year. I think this is the week I finally get my butt in there and try it out.

  7. Somehow this “I will only run when chased by a dog” girl has signed up for THREE 5Ks this year. Run for Charlotte in April, Harbor Walk & Run in June, Finish at the 50 in July. 

    I’ve participated in all of these events before but mostly walked. This is the year I will run!! Especially Finish at the 50! I am going to conquer those darned ramps! You can see them in the left side of this photos.

  1. Last week I tried a new recipe, Spinach Ricotta Calzone from King Arthur Flour. It was a simple, easy recipe and perfect for a Lenten meal. I added some broccoli and cauliflower, a little garlic and a dash of red pepper flakes to the filling.

  2. Have you seen the Kelly Purkey Project Kit from Simon Stamps and Kelly Purkey? I love the colors and the clean fonts. I was really really tempted to order it and do a monthly Project Life with it. But then part of me thought - that’s almost as much as the running skirt you want to get. Seriously, who am I? Then by the time I talked myself into buying it, the kit was sold out. Guess I’ll be getting that running skirt at Athleta instead!

  3. We are planning to book a cruise to Alaska for Summer 2014. I'm a little overwhelmed by all the options. Does anyone have any suggestions or information?

Ten on Tuesday is a weekly prompt from CaroleKnits.Net. Go check it out! If you decide to play along next week, let me know in the comments so I can check out your list.


Barbara said...

I love reading these kind of lists. I really enjoyed reading yours.
I might try and participate as well. It would be a great way to jump start my blogging again.

Donna said...

I think we are all feeling the same way about winter these days. Good luck with your wisdom teeth. My daughter had it done a couple of months ago and it was easier than we expected.

Fleursbydesign said...

Great list - this is a great idea :)

Sarah said...

I now want to run that 5K in July. We shall see!

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