Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ten on Tuesday - 10 Reasons Why I Am Ready for Winter To Be OVER.

As February draws to a close, here are my top 10 Reasons Why I Am Ready for Winter to be OVER:

  1. Shoes and Socks: I am tired of wearing the same three pairs of shoes over and over again. I am tired of matching socks to my pants. I miss sandals and barefeet and pedicures.
  2. Static Electricity: I get a shock every week when I push my chair in after our weekly meeting in the boardroom. It’s ridiculous.
  3. Dry Skin and Hair: No matter how much I use moisturizer and conditioner, my skin is dull and flaky and my hair is full of flyaways when I brush it.
  4. Driving Home in the Dark: This might be the thing I like least about winter. The darkness after work. It’s so hard to be motivated to do things like go to the gym or run errands when it is pitch black at 6 PM.
  5. Running on the Treadmill: OK, I never thought I’d be putting this on a list but I really prefer running outside. I’m getting the hang of treadmill running but it’s not the same.
  6. Salt and Sand: It tracks in on your shoes and gets all over the car, the foyer, the front steps. I much prefer my salt and sand to be by the ocean.
  7. Driving in the Ice and Snow: After the big storm in early February, the piles of snow on the sides of the road made it nearly impossible to pull out onto the main road. The snow starts to melt during the day but as the temperatures drop at night, that water turns to ice making things very slippery.
  8. Colds and Coughs: We’ve been lucky to stay pretty healthy this winter. But you should hear the coughing and sneezing around the office.
  9. Losing a Mitten or Glove: Every now and then I go to pull my gloves out of my coat pockets and realize I only have one. Apparently, I must drop them in the lobby of my office, so luckily I retrieve that lost glove as I head back out the door. I’m thankful for the kind people who find my lonely glove and put it on the table in the lobby.
  10. Being Indoors: I'm ready to go for a walk at lunch. Or take a drive with the windows open. Or sit out on the deck with a book and a coffee. I'm tired of being on the couch in front of the tv!

The Ten on Tuesday is a feature from Carole Knits. Head over to her blog to see more lists!


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