Thursday, October 13, 2011


We took a road trip down in Chatham on Cape Cod this weekend. The weather was simply glorious. Sunny, blue skies and 85 degrees. I wish we could have had more days like that this summer. 

While we were there I took some photos for the October Photo Challenge.

Blood Red
I've been dreaming of this red flannel hash from Hangar B since Memorial Day. The hash of beets, yukon and sweet potatoes is topped with a horseradish creme fraiche and a side of sourdough toast. Delicious. It was so worth the 90 minute drive to get there and the 45 minute wait to get a table.

We had lunch at The Corner Store. They make the best breakfast burritos. This time I had a wonderful grilled eggplant sandwich with feta, hummus, spinach, marinated tomatoes and kalamata olives on this amazing 7 grain bread from Pain D'Avignon. So so good!

We discovered this window down a little alley off of Main Street. There was a lovely older lady working in the gardens who pointed out different plants to us as we walked through.

Faceless Portrait
I can't believe I had my toes in the ocean over Columbus Day weekend.

October Skies
I didn't photoshop this photo. The sky really was that blue and cloudless. It was spectacular. We haven't had many cold nights so most of the trees are still green. 

Can you see the face in the tree trunk? 

Letter Art
I'm still on the hunt for an S but for now, here is W.

Tarte tatin from the Chatham Bars Inn. Behind it is the chocolate obsession that Joel ordered. We sat on the veranda and enjoyed the twinkle lights and the warm breeze. Earlier we had coffee drinks in the tavern and watched the last quarter of the Patriots game. The perfect ending to a wonderful day.


Lisa said...

Beautiful shots Christi!
You always "see" things that I think most folks don't.
Thank you for giving us a peek through that lens.

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